Hi! My name's Caroline and I have been running Back to the Roots for nearly two years. This blog concentrates on local food. I love visiting new regions, learning about their specialities and then trying them out myself in my own kitchen. In Back to the Roots you'll find recipes, days out, news, as well as in depth interviews and features on leading people and pressing topics within the local food circuit.

I am also passionate about waste food, or how not to waste food! Find tips and recipes on recycling and using up leftovers. While also helping the campaign to save knobbly fruit and veg, I hope one day they will become a common sight in all supermarkets.

I am a journalist breaking into the world of mobile and technology journalism. Long days in the office and networking in London means that it’s not always easy to eat as well as I want to, so my task now is to strive to find ways to incorporate local into my new and busy life.

I'm originally from Anglesey, but I spent the last four years in university in Cardiff, so I am lucky to have lived in two places which have fantastic local food outlets. Now I’m based in Reading I have a new place to search for foodie gems, while still often popping back to the green green grass of home.

The question is... is the produce and the philosophy worth the higher price tag?

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"I have to say that Back to the Roots is one of the nicest blogs I've seen
and I am delighted to be on it."
- Matt Tebbutt, chef and presenter of Saturday Kitchen and Market Kitchen.
Read my feature on him here

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