Thursday, 24 March 2011

Jammie Dodger Cheesecake

Baked Welsh Cake Cheesecake

Inspired by the latest Hairy Bikers installment I decided to have a go at making my first every cheesecake. I decided to give the one from the episode a twist though by making a Jammie Dodger cheesecake as I had plenty in the flat.

My first problem was that I'd left my springform tins in my Mum's house and didn't fancy paying £10.99 for a new one. I decided on a £1.99 square silicon "tin" instead and crossed my fingers hoping it would work...

Quite a few ingredients needed for this recipe.

I stuck to Derith's recipe but instead of using Welsh cakes I put a pack of Jammie Dodgers in the base with about 10 digestive biscuits and added a thick layer of raspberry jame inbetween the biscuit base and the cream cheese topping.

My freezer bags weren't big enough to pummel so I used a mixer instead.

Melt 50g butter to mix through the crushed biscuits.

Flatten in the tin.

Bake at 180 degrees for 5-10 mins.

Whisk all the other ingredients together...

...until smooth and creamy.

Meanwhile, spread a thick layer of raspberry jam on the cooled biscuit base

Top up with the cheese mixutre and bake for 40mins until it looks like this.

Gobble up and enjoy.

I spent this morning baking this cheesecake and it does taste super yummy and the jam definitely helps with the illusion of a jammie dodger. However, as I thought the silicon tin didn't help - it's ever so difficult to get it out of a tin unless it is a springform tin because the cake is so soft. I'm hoping that once it's been in the fridge a few hours it may set a little and make it stronger and if not I'm taking it into Uni tomorrow with plastic spoons and hopefully nobody will mind eating it straight out of the tin! Taste test coming soon...


  1. YUM. glad you are putting your new book to use so quickly (especially if I get a chance to taste some!) x

  2. yummy that looks BOOM ! (:


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