Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hairy Bikers: Posh Food & Cheesecakes

Posh nosh most definitely!!

The Hairy Bikers came to Wales for tonight's episode of Mums Know Best and it did impress. Classy cakes and delicate dinners - it certainly got me itching to get in the kitchen.

My favourite recipe was Derith's Welshcake Cheesecake. A normal cheesecake with pieces of welshcake broken into the biscuit base and then a layer of whole welshcakes before layering the creamy-goodness on top.

I really felt this was so clever and gave me an idea of my own special cheesecake. I had a craving for Jammie Dodger biscuits today and my friend, Ruth, suggested mixing them in with digestive biscuits. So this week I'm going to attempt this with an extra layer of Jammie Dodgers and a thick layer of strawberry jam. Nom nom nom... my mouth is watering at the thought of it.

Tomorrow I am off to buy cheesecake ingredients...
Heck, tomorrow I'm off to buy the Hairy Bikers season two book!!

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