Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hairy Bikers: Distant shores

Si and Dave's sing song
"Monday night's Italian, Tuesday night is Thai,
Chinese on Wednesdays, Thursday night is Mexican,
Curry night Friday night, Saturday night it's Viva La France,
Sunday of course it's a good old British Sunday Roast!"

Episode five of Mums Know Best

My ideal "World Tour" week:
Monday Italian - Comforting minestrone with local bread.
Tuesday Thai - Nigella's curry: red thai curry paste, prawns, mango and coconut milk! Mmmmm thick or soupy?!?
Wednesday Chinese - Whip up some noodles with typical sauces like sweet chili and soy sauce. Lashings of veg in a stir fry and maybe some peanut butter!
Thursday Mexican/Spanish - Paella with Anglesey mussles cooked in my special paella dish, so colourful and comforting. (Check out my lunch time tortilla below!)
Friday Curry night - I'm a cheat with pastes, but I would like to try and slow cook some mutton in South Indian spices - it's always my favourite at my local Indian restaurant.
Saturday Viva La France - A slow cooked comforting cassoulet with sausages and beans.
Sunday Good traditional British roast - Welsh lamb with roast potatoes is a winner in my house. My mum is a genius when it comes to Sunday Roasts... looking forward so much to a visit over Easter!

Storecupboard essentials:
Fajita seasoning - make a big batch of your own.
Freeze tortilla wraps.
Pasta and rice goes without saying, but noodle nests are useful too!
Peanut butter, soy sauce and sweet chili dipping sauce - adaptable for Chinese or Thai meals
Tins of mexican mixed beans
New potatoes (tinned) saves time when making a Spanish tortilla (see below)
Indian and thai pastes - forget jarred sauces stick to pastes like Asia Spice Box

Other storecupboard essentials are some good recipes books...

My top foodie wishful destinations:
A proper New York bagel
New Orleans for gumbo
Morocco for traditional cous cous
Gorge on cake and pastry in French patisseries

A lunch time treat - Spanish Tortilla

Eggs, tinned potatoes and an onion. I used up some mushrooms which were
just past there best. A red peper would be nice too, to give it a bit of crunch.

Fry onions and vegetables, remove to bowl.

Fry off potatoes, place in the same bowl.

Whisk the eggs with salt and stir into veg.

Fry gently for five mins, then do the "plate trick"... slip onto a plate then place frying
pan ontop and flip... leaving the uncooked side to fry for another five mins.

Two large lunch portions or serves four - six as tapas

This episode is worth watching purely for Si in a tutu and biker boots while Dave tries to make a Pavalova!! Watch it here on iPlayer! Enjoy!

Here's my blog post on episode six: High tea
Here's my blog post on episode seven: Posh Food and my Jammie Dodger cheesecake post


  1. I typically love high-end restaurants, but be wary of that bagel. It summons your inner monster for metropolitan street food and you will find yourself craving for it everyday and even starving to death if you can't find one.

  2. Spanish tortias are great for breakfast. I always make one when I'm in a hurry to eat.

  3. This looks so delicious. I bet It would be great with some red wine.

  4. Great idea, I'll be sure to do the same during Thai Tuesday's. Thanks.

  5. The serving here is pretty huge. I can't even finish a single dish by my own.

    restaurants in norwich


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