Thursday, 10 February 2011

NEW: Hairy Bikers tonight

It's raining, still nearly dark by 5pm, nothing exciting happens in February and summer seems like years rather than months away! So if you're stuck inside tonight with nothing exciting to do, turn on BBC2 at 8pm for the Hairy Bikers' new series of Mums Know Best.

And how appropriate! Their first episode is apparently discovering the best family recipes to put a smile on your face: comfort food! Comfort food  helps you physically and emotionally, which is what we all need during these dreaded winter months. So I'm expecting stews and definitely pies from this cheeky duo.

When I'm feeling a bit, as I like to call it, "meh", or unmotivated there are a few dishes that tend to get me out of my slump:
Carbs with lots of stodgy cheese give me an instant lift, but I always regret it later when I feel that I have exchanged the blood in my veins for cream. However, in the last two meals I use lean mince and lots of vegetables - whatever is in my fridge. I also make this in a big batch and freeze for an instant mood lift another day.
Hairy Bikers Mums Know Best is now into its second series
with accompanying books
Cupcakes just make everyone happy and I find making them (like risotto) very soothing. And chocolate supposedly causes the body to release endorphins which make us happier, while dark chocolate particularly has added health benefits if eaten in moderation.

The only problem is - I could easily
eat this all at once!
We all know where I stand on the cheeky chappies, but the Guardian published a post on their TV and Radio Blog this afternoon highlighting Britain's divided opinion on Si and Dave. I was glad to read that many of the comments on this blog agreed with me that the Hairy Bikers promote good family and food values and always respect each other and their guests. How can you not like them?

90 minutes to go...

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  1. love hairy bikers - can't wait for show tonight!!!

  2. I missed the show to due, er, cooking dinner but I adore them. They get people cooking, and thinking more about family and having fun. What's not to like?

  3. Exactly, they're fantastic.
    What are you thinking of the series so far?

  4. Luv the series won't miss it....tried to find the recipe for Gypsy Tart from program 2,,,,not listed anyone have it?

  5. I think the series is great, as usual. I have printed the Scone recipe from the Swap Tent submitted by Bella Thorne and see that in the ingredients list it says 2 tablespoons of baking powder but I think this should read 2 teaspoons as I have never put more than this in a scone recipe. By the way with putting 2 teaspoons of baking powder they came out great.
    Gwen synclair

  6. rebecca johnson22 March 2011 at 20:50

    watching the series now and i love it i was wondering how we could get to the recipe fair and if they were gonna come to the west midlands x

  7. Thanks for all the comments. Great to see other people who live the show as much as me!!

    I found the Gypsy Tart recipe here:

    Gwen - two tablespoons is a lot! Must be a typo, hope other people realise too or their scones might burst through their ovens, maybe not quite!

    Rebecca - I'd absolutely LOVE to go to one of their recipe fairs!!! I don't know if a third series has been commissioned as yet. We might find out through a press release once this one is over and in that case I'd love to investigate how to go to one. If I find out I'll write a post about it, so keep checking the blog!

  8. Rebecca - Hi this was the closest info I could find about recipe fairs, concerning last years events. Perhaps it will follow the same pattern?

  9. Hi Love the programme but wondered where I can get the recipe for the chocolate cake the lady bought in to the recipe fair .She said she added the juice of half a lemon to some milk ,id like to find the rest of the recipe though as the cake looked so moist .

  10. Which episode was it from Shane? I'll see if I can find it.

  11. I love these lads, what a great idea with Mums Know Best! Any chance you would come to Ireland and have a recipe fair there, you would be made really welcome like!


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